Track your future

We support you to improve safety, cost, and operator performance.

TRUST ITM™ technology optimises machine performance and undercarriage maintenance through the power of data. Through wireless sensors and cloudbased app technology it has never been easier to empower your mine with on hand real time visibility.


Data-enabled teams improve
response time and increase
machine uptime.


Precise data helps to avoid
unplanned machine downtime.


The TRUST ITM™ Component offers advanced sensing capabilities for both Track Rollers and Lubricated Chains. For Track Rollers, it provides live temperature data, a twelve-month report of maximum weekly temperatures, and a working hours calculator. In the case of Lubricated Chains, it monitors joint temperatures in real-time and provides a twelve-month report of maximum weekly joint temperatures. These features ensure optimal performance and maintenance for your machinery.


The Temperature Sensors provide live temperature data, a twelve-month report of maximum weekly temperatures, a working hours calculator, forward and reverse revolution counters (for speeds under 40 rpm), with a transmission range of 10/20 meters, long-lasting battery life, and accessible monitoring via Smartphone or the TRUST ITM™ Gateway for remote tracking.

Empowering the operator

You will be able to support your operators with knowledge and the confidence to understand their machine. Give operators the tools to get instant feedback in the cab with an easy-to-read display. They will be able to tram more accurately with real time guidance without the need for maintenance personnel to conduct additional machine inspections and temperature checks.


TRUST ITM™ offers real-time visibility, enabling data-backed decisions and quick anomaly identification to prevent costly breakdowns. It enhances efficiency by facilitating data sharing through TrackAdvice®, providing reports, charts, and dashboards, potentially increasing tramming efficiency by up to 50%.

Integration with existing systems is seamless, with data sent directly to preferred servers. This system minimizes downtime, enhances safety, and reduces environmental impact by alerting operators to stop the machine after events, ensuring safer operations with improved visibility and instant alerts.