This is the toughest environment earthmoving machines can operate in, with remote sites, difficult geological situations and often extreme meteorological conditions.
Mining machinery, therefore needs to be reliable, durable and with a competitive cost per hour.

To meet the needs of mining professionals, ITM has extended its undercarriage components range, developing a new series of track chains for mining dozers.
Components are lab-tested up to 2000 hours, installed and then tested in the field to ensure enhanced performance and increased durability.

Mining Solutions.

Monoblock Generation. 


The construction industry is probably the sector with the broadest range of applications: excavators, dozers, track mounted cranes and cranes with special attachments.

The ITM product range includes greased tracks for next generation fast running excavators, angled track shoes and flat crane shoes for low ground pressure applications.
Its sprockets, idlers and rollers are built to withstand high shock and impact loads on job sites to give long service life.

Construction and Road Building.


The road building industry presents two major applications for tracked vehicles: milling machines and paver machines.

ITM supplies the leading manufacturers of milling and paver machines with complete track frames with rubber padded or PU padded shoes, which ensure low vibration of the running tracks, smooth operation and ease in relocating the machine.
Most components are tailor-made to meet the client’s specific technical needs.
ITM is currently working on complete new undercarriage systems with a damping function and short pitch track chains.

Construction and Road Building.


Different soil and extreme meteorological conditions are some of the difficulties experienced in this type of application, where during the harvest machines work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

ITM works tirelessly to maximize the lifetime of its undercarriage parts as the market demands reduced maintenance time and increased number of worked hours. 

ITM’s innovative solutions include new lower rollers with H.T. technology called “Direct Differential Quenching” and new track chains with floating bushing (sealed and lubricated versions) for popular sugarcane harvester models, that guarantee 60% increase in working hours and 30% reduction in maintenance costs.



Forestry machinery is designed to operate in particular weather conditions and on sloping, uneven ground.
It is fitted with special tools to chop down trees and gather, load and transport logs.

The undercarriages of these machines are often subjected to excessive stress, so ITM produces heavy duty components that are both highly resistant and durable.
Its greased track chains, for example, reduce friction, prolong the life of the bushings, reduce noise and the risk of the joints blocking in cold weather.


ITM delivers engineered solutions for special applications, thanks to its all-round expertise.
Its long-standing experience, highly qualified technical staff, flexible production, advanced engineering tools like 3D modelling, 3D prototype printing, FEA and a wide range of testing equipment make ITM the ideal partner for any project.

Special applications include the material handling sector for continuous ship unloaders, and scrapers and conveyors, bucket wheels excavators and mobile crushers.


Reliability is the key factor for the marine industry and machinery needs to be able to handle heavy loads in tough conditions.
The ITM team has designed and built several complete side frames to suit in tensioners as part of deck equipment for cable and pipe laying vessels. The equipment is able to load thousands of tons of cable or pipes into the carousel and maintain cable or pipe tension as they are laid on the seabed.

The ITM team also has a range of rollers with special low friction bearing types and is currently developing new rollers with additional sealing specifically designed for the marine industry.

Marine applications.


High speed train travel is rapidly becoming the most popular form of transport for short and medium range distances with Japanese, European and Chinese manufacturers leading the field.

The braking system of high speed trains is one of the most critical, as the steel brake discs must take trains from 400 km/h to 0 km/h in just a few seconds.
ITM’s brake discs are the product of steel processing know-how, analyses and simulations, the latest cutting-edge technology and strict controls to deliver a product that meets the most stringent quality standards.